[Zine] Protect our farmland


At this point converges the double misfortune of the economy and the State: by caching civil war inside each person, the modern State put everyone at war against himself. This is where we begin.

– Tiqqun, Introduction to Civil War

In 1996 Henderson Property Development Limited began strategically purchasing farmland from farmers in Ma Shi Po Village using questionable methods.

Over 10 years later, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong announced in his 2007-2008 Policy Address the urbanization of three areas that includes Fanling North, where Ma Shi Po Village is located.

In two subsequent public consultations, the Town Planning Board, a statutory body of the government, received 50,000 letters opposing the government’s North East New Territories Development Plan and only seven letters in support.

The government failed to represent public interest and instead opted for developer hegemony and structural violence in pursuit of its geopolitical agenda.

When facing injustice, what can each one of us do?

This zine documents the land squatting action between 2nd and 13th June 2016.

Full zine: www.tinyurl.com/ProtectOurFarmland

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