Submission guidelines:

We welcome submissions from everyone, subject to the following provisos:


  • Submissions are currently welcome in Catalan, Dutch, English, French, Spanish. Please ask about submissions in other languages.
  • We encourage people to submit in their preferred language and to help with proof-reading. Since we are unfunded it would help if non-native speakers could arrange to have texts proof-read before submission.
  • No material sympathetic to or helpful to forces of repression such as the police.
  • No sympathy towards hierarchical structures of any kind, especially those of political parties because of their capacity to undermine squatting struggles.
  • No stigmatisation of forms of violence practised by social movement actors in resistance.
  • All information that is not previously available publicly should be published only with the clear consent of participants, so that the people written about have an option before publication to suggest changes or to prevent publication.
  • No content that transmits ideologies such as fascism, racism, sexism, LBGTQI-phobia, ageism, speciesism, and all other isms which encourage and legitimate the domination of some social groups over other social groups or forms of life.
  • In accompanying images, we expect the blurring of facial or other bodily features that enable identification, unless people are already well known.
  • Authors can supply a short 50 word biography of themselves or of their project, or are welcome to remain anonymous if they wish. Requests for anonymity will be respected.
  • Authors are encouraged to help with reviewing future submissions.
  • Unless otherwise stated published work is under the following copyright: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License


  • Word length of between 4,000 and 10,000 words.
  • If it applies, the author is invited to use the referencing style they prefer, the editors will check for consistency.
  • Please send as an open office file (.odt) or doc.x
  • Papers should be submitted stripped of identifying data for peer review, with a separate title sheet containing the author’s contact information and short (50 word) biography.
  • Accompanying images, tables, graphs etc should be submitted separately with a clear marking in the text where they would appear.
  • Critical responses to previous submissions are welcomed.


  • Submissions of any form are encouraged, this might include (but not be limited to) photographs, pictures, responses to previous submissions, practical knowledge, letters, book reviews, films, news articles, blogs, rants, manifestos, communiques, announcement and requests for solidarity.
  • The submissions can be of any length, type, or language available. We also welcome practical knowledge such as squatters handbooks and legal advice.
  • The aim of this section is to contribute to the networks that are aligned with squatters to expand the visibility of their claims and actions.


Email: (PGP key)
Twitter: TrespassNetwork

Submission Guidelines