Trespass is self-managed, open access, and unfunded. It is multidisciplinary and publishes work in different languages. It is an online journal which also publishes selected works in print.

Trespass is an occasionally published journal collecting together reflections on personal experience, essays, papers, conference proceedings, interviews, discussions, letters and other interventions from individual squatters and collectives who are using squatting to promote social change. We aim to publish submissions of peer-reviewed articles and working papers on research topics connected to squatting struggles worldwide. Reviewers are selected for their knowledge of the subject matter, with a diversity of background preferred.

We aim to provide authors with the possibility to publish in their own language. We consider that linguistic diversity can foster a greater literary quality to the materials being published. Thus, the print version of Trespass will most often contain articles in several languages, but special editions adapted to certain language communities will also be compiled and shared physically at affordable prices. Theory can be written in any kind of format, we encourage authors to develop a diversity of styles to reach readers.

Trespass has two sections, namely theory and interventions, which are defined in the call for papers