Call for Hambi International Solidarity

Call for Hambi International Solidarity

International Call for Solidarity Actions with Hambacher Forest Struggle

The last large part of the millenarian Hambach Forest is about to be cut and its over 11 occupations/barrios evicted during the 2017/18 cutting season expanding the chasm of the largest lignite mine/largest sigle CO2 emitter in Europe even more. Now there is a higher North Rhine Westfalia court hold on continuation of Hambi’s destruction, awaiting decission by a single not yet disclosed court apointed “expert” later this week. Given the local state of co-option of the state, municipal and judicial aparatus by special interests of Climate Killer RWE the decission is more than obvious. Even if suprisingly the decision would not be to destroy the forest the coal mining would still continue and the occupations still would face imminent evictions. Eviction constantly called for by nationalist AFD party and the rulling parties of CDU and SPD by stirring a shit-storm of fear mongering and delegitimization of eco activists in the forest as criminals, terrorist and at best riot-tourists. The cops also took advantage of the down time in cutting to provoke, distract and divide some of the local NIMBY groups by threatening to destroy the forest and its occupations if road barricades are not taken down and managed to entice some individuals to not only distance and dismiss us as perpetrators of “violence” publicly but also to engage in this zero-sum-game by taking some of our defenses down under the cover of darkness. And yet as so many attempts were made to isolate and atomize the struggle the phenomenal outpurring of support came in the form of thousands of supporters coming to the forest bringing warm solidarity in many forms. Hundreds of others egaged in solidarity action across Europe. To all of who did this: hearty thank you goes out from one of many as well as call to hold on to your banners and get ready for soldarity actions and to occupy and re-occupy the forest when the cutting and evictions resume.

A call also goes out internationally to engage in Solidarity actions, sharing photos and statements on #hambibleibt (hambi stays)and reusing your banners in front of German consulates and embassies and RWE outposts when the physical attacks on the forest resume. Also appreciation for diversity of tactics besides of course direct-action of locking-on, blockading, tree-sitting, “etc” is expressed and respect and appreciation given to comrades engaging in paper/legal-wrenching, deinvest and boycott movements against earth-destroying fossil-fuels industry. Only by coming together and using a diverse array of tactics and by maintaining unity and perseverance is there a chance of making a difference in the face of only seemingly overwhealming forces and interests pushing the Planet past numerous points of no return.


HambiBleibt! In solidarity with all anti(extractionist, neocolonialist, authoritarian) struggles World-Wide