Squatters lose courtcase Kanaleneiland


On Wednesday July 27, the judgement came on the eviction of eight squatted homes on the Kanaleneiland. The claim of the squatters was rejected. The squatters can be evicted from September 15 onwards. The motivation for this is not currently known, but in the courtcase it was already clear that there is no actual need or the owner to regain the property. “It’s just that the city council and corporations in Utrecht have agreed not to negotiate with squatters” said the squatters.

The homes on the Kanaleneiland were occupied in April in protest against the city demolition. With the project “Kanaleneiland centre” 1100 cheap social housing units were demolished to make way for the free rental sector and expensive houses. Only 138 social housing units have been built. Kraker Rogier: “Gentrification is the deportation of non white residents in order to set up white enclaves.”

That the city council and corporations make it a point of principle to not negotiate is obvious. Of course they don’t like their policies to be criticised. That the police and prosecution service, now apparently have the legal right to evict is less obvious. “This is a legitimate and well-founded criticism of racist policies” said a squatter. In an open democracy, this protest should not be repressed by the police.

Translated from Dutch report

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